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About Us

Our Company


Spotless Cleaning Services was founded in 2020 to serve our residential and business clients in ensuring that all of their environmental cleaning and fumigation needs are met. 

Spotless cleaning started in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, because of the strong need for environmental cleaning and waste management which as at the time, was deficient in our state. We recognized the issue of environmental pollution and poor waste management system which led to the dumping of wastes in the middle of our streets and causing major health hazard to the people of Uyo and it's neighboring cities.

As a result of the poor waste management system, gutters are often filled up, making it harder for the drainage system to function properly. The inability for water to drain through the gutters causes floods with various waste products floating all over our major roads during raining season, making it difficult for our drivers and pedestrians to travel with ease.

Our decision to lunch Spotless Cleaning Services is our way of contributing towards making our environment a better place to live in. We strongly believe in good hygiene and believe that we as a people, do have a collective responsibility in ensuring that our houses, offices and our entire environment is kept spotlessly clean!

Spotless Cleaning Professional Services is your one stop shop for all of your everyday cleaning and fumigation needs. We are your Cleaning Solution Specialist!

Our Goals


One of the major goals of Spotless Cleaning Services is to ensure that every interior and exterior cleaning need of our clients (residential, business and governmental) are met. With our services, our clients will maintain a healthy living and lifestyle that they deserve.

Another goal of ours, is to tackle the issue of unemployment in our state and in Nigeria at large. It is undeniable that lack of employment has been known to be one of the major challenges that most Nigerian graduates and youths, have been experiencing for a very long time. This makes it difficult for them to become useful to the society. 


Lack of employment opportunities in our country today has frustrated so many youths who desire to work in order to maintain a good standard of living. The high rate of unemployment has also led our promising youths into crimes, drug addiction and other unhealthy lifestyles.

Our goal is to create employment opportunities to as many youths as possible so that they can in turn, create a better future for themselves and our future generations. We want to get our youths involved in something that will not only help them grow as individuals but also help them become responsible. 

We strongly believe that years from now, Spotless Cleaning Professional Services will spread out beyond the borders of Akwa Ibom States as we continue to clean one home, business, street and building at a time...We are excited to be a part of something this great!

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