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Our Services

Interior Cleaning
Exterior Cleaning & Washing
interior house cleaning

Spotless Cleaning Services offers to you, an affordable interior cleaning services which include;

  • Vacuuming of your carpets

  • Tile washing & cleaning,

  • Scrubbing,washing and mopping of floors

  • Cleaning of surfaces with disinfectants and other cleaning agents

  • Dusting

  • Removal of Cobwebs

  • Cleaning out cabinets

  • Cleaning of glass doors and windows


Spotless Cleaning Services doesn't only specialize in the cleaning of your interior environment; we specialize in the cleaning of your exterior environment also which also includes pressure washing of your walls, fences and all floor types including your interlocked floors.

Do you need a great team who can clean up after your building construction or after an event you must have hosted? Spotless Cleaning Professional Services is here to ensure that the entire construction site as well as your event location, is spotlessly clean!



Lawn Mowing

Spotless Cleaning Professional Services also offers affording lawn mowing services to homes, businesses and governmental facilities on a one time or subscription basis. Do you need your grass cut? Do you need your beautiful flowers trimmed and maintained? Spotless Cleaning Professional Services is here to do the job!

Pest Control
Pest control

Spotless Cleaning Services also specializes in pest control services which involves the removal of pests from homes, businesses and governmental buildings.We specialize in ensuring that roaches, ants, termites and other crawling insects are completely eradicated from your buildings.

Garbage Pick up
Dry Cleaning Services

Spotless Cleaning Professional Services offers you affordable trash pick up services on a subscription basis. Our trash pick up services takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week for our residential clients and On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for our business clients.This give you the peace of mind you need, knowing that your waste are disposed for you conveniently, a few times a week. This service will require a monthly subscription fee via bank transfer until monthly.

Spotless Cleaning Services brings to you, an affordable and convenient way of ensuring that all of your laundry needs are met.

Do you have a busy schedule or are you unable to do your laundry for whatever reason? Spotless Cleaning Professional Services is here to help!

We will come to you to pick up your laundry and drop them off when we are done so that you can focus on other things you have planned.

Our goal is to ensure that we deliver excellence 24/7, 365 in a year!

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