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Why Spotless Cleaning?

As the saying goes, "cleanliness is next to godliness" and "cleanliness" is, our watch word! When we talk about cleanliness, we mean cleanliness in very sense of the word. As we all know, lack of cleanliness can lead to a whole lot of environmental and health issues and can make our environment, unlivable. A clean environment on the other hand, breeds happy people, comfortable people, healthy people and responsible people.

Spotless Cleaning Services believes that aside what we do as a business, we cannot successfully do what we do without the co-operation of our people and our government. There is no denying that Uyo is a very beautiful state but without proper maintenance of our state, our homes, our offices and environment as a whole, Akwa Ibom States within the next years, will no longer remain the beautiful State that it is known to be, today.

It was in March 2020, that our CEO, who has lived in the U.S for the past 20 years, visited Akwa Ibom States and within a week of her arrival, got locked down due to the international travel border closure, which made it impossible for her to return back to the States. During the lock down, she spent her time studying the environment and noticed that there was a strong need for a first class waste management and cleaning company, to be lunched in Akwa Ibom States.

She figured that if a cleaning company is launched, the issue of poor waste management, poor sanitary conditions, and environmental pollution will be taken care of. She also thought that if a cleaning company such as this is launched, it would be a great way of creating many job opportunities for the youths of Akwa Ibom States. She, together with her husband, Johnson Udoh worked together as a team to make it happen and now, here we are!

Why should you hire us to be of service to you? On the contrary, we believe that the question here should be, "why shouldn't you"? Why shouldn't you hire us to clean your home and office with first class cleaning agents by trained professionals who will leave your home or office completely transformed and smelling like heaven?! Why shouldn't you hire us to pick up your garbage and dispose them for you on a weekly basis? Why shouldn't you hire us to cut your grass for you, prune your flowers, get rid of those pests in your homes/offices and even pick up dirty laundry, wash them, iron them and deliver them right back to you? Now isn't that awesome to have all of those things taken care of without you having to go through the stress of doing them yourself?

Asides the services we provide, wouldn't you just love to see our vibrant youths, be taken off the streets and be employed? Wouldn't you love to see our university students combine work with school and learn how to create a work life balance? Would you love to see them learn how to fend for themselves and relief their parents of the financial burden? Wouldn't you love to see them be able to afford their basic everyday needs and save up for their future as well? Imagine that business student saving up his/her business capital while in school, to aid him/her in establishing a business after graduation? Imagine that youth saving up enough money to go learn a trade or pursue what so ever, it is they would love to pursue in life. It will not only give them a sense of pride, it will give them a sense of responsibility, a sense of accountability and a sense of independence as well!

Spotless Cleaning isn't a company that's all about making profit. We are a company that is passionate about our social responsibility as well. We take pride in ensuring that everything we do, is for the betterment of our country, our state and our people. We hope that in the near future, Spotless Cleaning Services will expand beyond the four walls of Akwa Ibom States and will have it's branches in almost every state in Nigeria. We have more exciting things coming up in the near future so keep on checking our blogs for updates. We thank you for your business and support and, look forward to your continued business with us....STAY TUNED!

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