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Ms. Ekomobong Etuk

Chief Executive Officer

Ekomobong Etuk is the owner and founder of Spotless Cleaning Professional Service and is based in Houston Texas, U.S. A. In the United States, she works as a banker and also runs her catering business part time. She also runs Spotless Cleaning Professional Services remotely and virtually to ensure that the company's values, processes, structure, culture, systems and policies are maintained on a consistent basis. She hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, which she obtained from the University of Phoenix, U.S.A.

Ekomobong Etuk has over 22 years working in corporate America. Her experience in Corporate America, along with her educational background, is what makes Spotless Cleaning Professional Services the leading brand both in the whole of Nigeria. We are exceptional in this business because of her outstanding leadership.


Ms. Ekomobong Etuk
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