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Spotless Cleaning Professional Services was launched in July 2020 to serve our residential and business clients by ensuring that all of their interior and environmental cleaning needs are met. 

Our was first launched in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, because of the strong need for environmental cleaning and waste management which in previous years, was deficient in our state.


We recognized the issue of environmental pollution and poor waste management system which led to the dumping of wastes in the middle of our streets and causing major health hazard to the people of Uyo and it's neighboring cities.

Poor waste management has been the identified as one of the major environmental issues that we are facing in our state. Garbage are often disposed in our streets and our gutters are often filled up and this makes it harder for the drainage system to function properly.


The poor drainage system causes floods  during the raining season and  beings out all the waste products which were dumped in the gutters, to our main roads, making it difficult for our drivers and pedestrians to travel with ease. Not only that, it causes environmental hazard and makes our environment unclean, unhygienic and unhealthy for our people to live in. This why Spotless Cleaning Professional Services is being launched so that we can work hand in hand  with  the people of Akwa Ibom State and our government, in order to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for all!

Our Vision
Our Cleaning Professionals

Spotless Cleaning Services is a company that prides itself at being the #1 cleaning company in Akwa Ibom State, which specializes in all types of cleaning services, be it interior or exterior, to help our clients maintain a clean and hygienic lifestyle.

Our goal as a company is to spread our tentacles to all 36 states in Nigeria in the near future, not only to grow as a business but to create various employment opportunities to our unemployed youths who after graduating from school, find it difficult to gain employment. It would also be a great opportunity for qualified students who are at the age of 18 and older, to work and earn their own money even while they are in school. This will give them a sense of independence and help reduce the stress level of their parents who work tirelessly, to ensure that they are able to afford their children school fees and expenses. It will give our youths, a sense of pride and responsibility and keep them away from bad influences and crimes. It will also give them the necessary tools they need, to become the best future professionals they can  possibly be.  

Are you interested in becoming a part of our team?


Click on the link below and explore our various carrier opportunities!

Our Services
After Event Cleaning

Spotless Cleaning is your solution specialist!

We specialize in professional and spotless cleaning of your interior and exterior environment. Our services includes;

  • Interior Cleaning 

  • Vacuum Cleaning

  • Exterior Cleaning

  • Windows cleaning

  • Garbage Pick-up Services

  • Lawn Mowing Service

  • Flower Pruning

  • Pest Control Services

  • Dry Cleaning Services

Your Cleaning Solution Specialist
SCPS Family

Chinenye Effiong

Spotless at its peak! I love the professional and the customer friendly culture of Spotless Cleaning Professional Services. They made my home look spotless. Thank you!

Udeme Daniel

Wow! I never expected it. You guys are so professional. Left my house in your hands and got back to meet it spotless and sparkling!

Emem James

My Home is sparkling all thanks to Spotless Cleaning Professional Services. You guys are simply amazing!






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